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Family Sponsorship

When you acquire a work permit to Canada, naturally you would be overjoyed because you achieved the dream that robbed you of your sleep. And there you go, with your head held high to conquer new horizons in your career at your favourite location of Canada. But this could pose a problem in your family life. While you leave them in your native country, it is a matter of time that you start missing their presence and care in Canada. For those who wish to reunite with their spouses in Canada, you can avail the dependent work permit through our professional immigration services.

Attaining a dependent work permit comes with many benefits and hence, it is a relatively easy way to unite with your spouse in Canada, of all the other options. The option to not give IELTS exam comes exclusively with the application of dependent work permit if your spouse is in Canada on work permit. This has made the process simpler and the fact that there is no requirement of work experience for a dependent work permit has opened the doors of opportunities for everyone. Along with the prospects of working full time and earning legally in Canada, you could enjoy your life together with your spouse in Canada through the dependent work permit.

With many advantages, one would think that obtaining a dependent work permit comes with no much hassles. Partly true, but one cannot ignore the various criteria and documents that must be submitted and validated to be considered an eligible candidate for a dependent work permit. While gathering the documents, it is natural that you unintentionally forget one or two papers that would lead you to forsake the opportunity to be with your spouse in Canada. Be it in showing your financial status or proof of the relationship, we take you through the entire process in a stress-free manner. As a seasoned immigration service consultant, we are equipped with advanced knowledge in the area and this has entitled us to carry out your application for a dependent work permit with added enthusiasm.