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As skilled laborer's are prepared to migrate to Canada for better opportunities, it has become essential that they require a Labor Market Impact Assessment to legally work in Canada. On the other hand, the employers who wish to seek the services of foreign workers must apply for government approval prior to applying for a work permit in Canada. Being a well-rounded immigration consultant, we are capable of helping employers and employees to acquire a Labor Market Impact Assessment for work permits and qualify them for permanent resident status. To negate the shortage of a particular skill in the Canadian economy, a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment is required of a foreign worker to prove that his/her recruitment would not have an adverse effect on the Canadian labor market.

The Labor Market Impact Assessment has different approaches based on the targeted employee. By distinguishing the high-wage workers and low-wage workers, there are certain criteria that need to be met to obtain a positive or neutral labor market impact assessment. Due to the complex process, applicants struggle to achieve their goals, but with us, you can live your dreams.

For hiring foreign workers, employers must consider various factors along with providing comprehensive information about the position they offer. And there entails a never-ending process of explanations regarding the number of people who have applied, been shortlisted and interviewed for the same position. It is only after the verification process turns out positive that the employer would be allowed to recruit a foreign worker. Since the task at hand is daunting and long, our skilled team would lend their helping hands to get you across these hurdles and attain a positive or neutral labor market impact assessment.

Once the foreign worker receives a positive nod and job offer letter, he/she can proceed with the work permit application. In the case of the employee, labor market impact assessment follows a different application set, where documents, papers, proof of employment experience etc are submitted for the work permit. Very often, people confuse that labor market impact assessment approval letter is the ticket to Canada and hence, take the remaining applications lightly. By instructing them of the difference between LMIA and Work Permit application and guiding them in the right direction, we assist in scaling the aspirations of employees and employers to work in Canada.